Lagu Soviet March

Sunday, June 28, 2009
Seperti yang saya katakan pada entry yang.... yang keberapa ye? Tidak ingat pula. Saya letakkan lagu Soviet March.

Ra3 Theme - Soviet March - OST

Di bawah ini adalah terjemahan dari lirik Russia

Our Soviet Union subjugates the whole world
Like a gigantic bear from the East.
The sheep wander aimlessly, without any cause,
Yet the Soviet bear's on the hunt.

Our brotherhood's a good life, Our generosity is without compare.
All those with us are strong,
All those against us, beware.
It'd be a shame if we had hardships.

To all those around us, it's not worth your while
If we were to turn you to ashes.
We thank you profoundly, and bow to you deeply,
From the mightiest nation in all the world.

Selamat Berhibur!...SK